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Difference Between Weight Loss And Inch Loss, You should Know If You're Not Losing Weight.

Is weight loss and inch loss the same thing? Why am I not losing weight but losing inches? Is there a difference between weight loss and inch loss? To find out the answer, read this blog.

There is a fundamental difference between weight loss and inch loss:

Weight loss:

The process of reducing body weight through diet and exercise.

Inch loss:

Getting rid of fat from your waist, hips, and thighs.

Inch loss is important for males and females with high waist circumferences (belly fat). High waist circumference puts you at risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Weight loss scales can mislead you since they only show weight, not fat loss or muscle gain. Food, water, bones, muscles, and organs are all included in the number on the scale. It doesn't positively motivate you.

The following are some reasons why you are just losing inches:

Gain in muscles

It is the muscles that grow beneath the extra layer of fat, and the more fat we lose, the more muscles we will have defined.


Women are mostly affected by this factor during or before menstruation. During this period, our hormone levels become imbalanced, and we feel bloated due to the retention of salt and water in our bodies. Hormonal retention makes us feel as if we have gained weight, but the problem will disappear when your period is over.

Water retention

Whether you're a woman or a man, this is a common reason. Water retention can be caused by physical inactivity, sodium-rich foods, and medications such as NSAIDs and oral contraceptives. By reducing sodium-rich foods and drinking plenty of water, this retention can be easily fixed.

Weight loss plateau

The point at which you stop losing weight and your metabolism slow down is when you stop losing weight even after following the same diet. You will lose inches even if you weigh the same at this point because your muscle mass increases.

Take a different approach. It is not always the scale that indicates progress. The fact that you aren't losing weight doesn't necessarily mean you aren't making any progress. You are moving in the right direction when losing body fat in the form of inches, not only weight.

You may have difficulties losing weight because of the following factors

Family history

If you come from an obese family and your parents are overweight, chances are you will be overweight, as well as your weight loss progress being slower than usual.


The process of losing weight is much faster for younger people than for older people. Once you reach the age of 35-40, you tend to lose weight slowly. However, some programs have successfully helped older adults lose weight.


As a result of different body metabolism, males lose weight much faster than females.


A lack of sleep, continuous sleep or deep sleep... all can affect your weight loss efforts.


You will also lose weight slowly if you are under too much stress. Make sure you don't compare your progress with others.

You may not see changes in the digits of the weighing scale, but you are losing fat in the form of inch loss. Even though one person is losing weight while the other is losing inches, you are making a permanent change to your body by losing fat.


What is the difference between weight loss and inch loss?

Weight loss is the process of reducing body weight through diet and exercise. While inch loss is getting rid of fat from your waist, hips, and thighs.

Why I am not losing weight?

The factor affecting your weight loss goals are;

  1. Family history,

  2. Gender,

  3. Age,

  4. Sleep,

  5. Stress

  6. Deviation in the diet plan,

  7. Sedentary lifestyle.

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