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Which is better for losing weight: Walking or running?

Walking and running are two low-cost, no-equipment forms of physical activity. Is walking as good as running? Find out which is most effective to reach your fitness goals.

Walking vs. Running

To simplify the comparison, running is faster, so you can cover more ground in less time. As your heart rate increases during running, you burn more calories - the faster your heart rate, the more calories you burn. Especially if you suffer from orthopedic issues like back or knee pain, walking may be a safer and more sustainable option than running; a longer walk can burn the same number of calories as running for less time.

Which Is Better for Losing Weight?

Running and walking are both effective ways to lose weight. Walking for extended periods will burn just as many calories as running for shorter periods. The lower intensity exercise uses fat for fuel much more heavily, so as long as you exert yourself and time it appropriately, you can lose fat. You can also lose fat by doing interval training. You can burn more calories during an exercise session if you do short bursts of higher intensity movements.

The Best Ways to Get You Walking

Do you prefer a stroll to a run? Walking workouts can be intensified in several ways.

During your workout, add intervals of faster walking.

You can ramp up your exercise by adding stairs, hills, or inclines - the activity remains low impact, but it increases exertion.

Exercises using bodyweight are also recommended. At any point in your workout, pushups, and sit-ups can increase your heart rate and burn more calories.


Getting in shape or staying in shape can be done by walking or running - just make sure to stay safe!


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