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What is DietMi?

DietMi is a weight loss program that offers healthy diet advice along with very simple workout guidance to help you achieve your weight goals and fitness goals, no matter whether you’re vegetarian or non-vegetarian, no matter whether you’re male or female. DietMi doesn’t believe in dieting that leads to starvation or makes you hungry for weight loss. DietMi is a unique weight loss program that encourages you to EAT MORE for weight loss. We choose the right foods in the right quantities for you. We advise you about how many portions of the meal are required for you to achieve weight loss or weight gain. You also get online fitness sessions along with food advice to achieve the best weight loss and fitness goals. In one month plan, you will get food plans in 3 phases and online fitness sessions 4-5 days a week. The duration of the first phase is 7 days, while the rest 2 phases are 10 days each. At the end of each phase, we will ask you to provide the morning bodyweight after passing the stool. The food portion of the next phase will be calculated with this weight. Before starting the weight loss or weight gain program we ask you to fill out the body parameter form. Body parameter form is mandatory to calculate your BMI, BMR, AMR, and the food portions required to achieve your goals.

Would you please tell me more about diet plan?

It is not an ordinary diet plan. It is healthy diet advice. We choose the right foods in the right quantities for you. We advise our clients to eat healthy food at home to stay fit. We always recommends home food. To lose weight, we do not recommend medicines, herbal products, chemicals, or juices. It’s just simple foods that can always be found in a kitchen. After achieving your weight goals with us, maintaining it is easy since you did it with your own home foods.

What  types of equipment do you recommend?

Exercise mat, sports shoes, stepper, dumbbell, and a resistance band. All of this equipment, however, is not required for everyone. Before we start your weight loss and fitness plan, we will discuss your goals, then we will provide you with a list of items if necessary.

DietMi plans are only for women?

It's not true! DietMi offers weight loss services for men and women, both. Check out DietMi Testimonials.

What are the chances that I won't achieve my weight and fitness goals?

Very less. Weight loss and fitness goals require multiple factors, such as food, exercise, motivation, determination, discipline, etc. Every factor is interconnected. No matter what we eat, our body never cheats on us. If you take care of other factors, our recommendations will be effective because they address the quality and quantity of the food you consume. If you do not achieve your goals, we have to consider whether you have any medical conditions that could be the cause of your failure. So far, we have not encountered such a failure. Our plans will make you feel fresh and energizing. Our clients lose 2 kg to 4 kg in 4 weeks and 12 kg to 14 kg in 12 weeks. We have observed that most of our clients lose more than this. You may need a weight loss plan that lasts 1 month or more than 1 month, depending on your weight loss goals.

Can I replace the food items that are advised by DietMi?

Please do not replace the food items advised by us for your food plan. The deviation is not recommended.

Can I add extra food items to my food plan?

Please do not replace or add any food items other than advised by us for your food plan. The deviation is not recommended.

Do you recommend vegetarian food items in the food plan?

Yes! We offer a food plan based on the client’s food preferences. You can achieve your weight goal with a veg food plan as well.

How do you support to your client during the program?

We provide full support to our clients through WhatsApp, email, call, or chat. We will explain your food chart nicely before starting the food plan. It is recommended to you to listen to it carefully and follow it. We spend more time designing clients’ diet plans and fitness plans. Therefore, it is recommended for you not bother us repeatedly with the same query. Please allow us to spend more time designing your diet. You just follow the diet blindly to get the best results.

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